GRAB Youth Basketball League (GYBL) launched July 2, 2022 with four teams. Our league teams were Oxford Manor Bull Dawgs, McDougald Terrance BIG Macs, Cornwallis Fever, and the Running Rebels who have a mixtures of kids from around the city. 

Our Coaches, staff, parents, family and friends was nothing less than AMAZING with showing support to our youth has they display their talents on the court.

We will be EXPANDING by adding 4 high school students. STAY CONNECTED!


GO Durham is the reason why GYBL is able to host our first summner basketball league. The transportation deparment is a BIG piece to the operation of our city and they are trying to find more ways than one to make it easy and comfortable for our residents and the use of public transportation. Go Durham provided myself and several others the fundung to launch their ideas and passions to help make a difference in our city.  THANKS GO DURHAM!


NIS is another key piece to the operation of a lot that is going on in our city. They are a TEAM of amazing individuals who main focus and goal is to make sure the neighborhoods in our city are in the radar for improvements with actions in motion. NIS seleceted 6 organizations to partner with Durham to receive the funding that GO DURHAM provided and GRAB was blessed to be one of the 6 to launch the GRAB Youth Basketball League. It has been nothing but pleasing to be in the space of hard working citizens who stand on the front line for the people we serve.

From the GRAB family to the NIS Team...

                     YALL ROCK!


Durham Housing Authority holds a special place in my heart and that is the main reason GRAB only serve communities under their umbrella. Gorwing up in the same communities and seeing the drastic changes and the diffrence in how our youth maneuve through life was a need for me to stand on the front line. Durham Housing Authority has over 15 properties and our goal is to reach all of them in the GRAB way and let the domino effect of community unity take over.




Cornwallis Fever is led by Head Coach CJ "Charles Wiley", who is one of the most enthusiastic coaches we have. His assistant is Coach Byrd who has put his mark in the city with the youth for many years. Being around these guys in practice and at the games only display dedication and passion, not only for the game but for our youth. 

CJ is a front liner outside of being a leader on the court. His main job is to help, engage and inform our communities on ways to decrease the violence that goes on in our city. Community engagement is nothing but normal to this guy. 

THANKS to the FEVER for your participation!



Braggtown Bull Dawgs is led by Coach Tee "Jamie McDonald", who has a passion for the game and is known in the city for leaving her mark on the court. Coach Tee played for Hillside High School and led the 95-96 team to a championship ring.

Coach Tee knowledge about the game and her skill-set to teach it, is definitely an assist to GYBL. The discipline, drive, and motivation she gives the players makes them engage more because they see the results.

As Coach Tee states, "You don't have to be good, I will get you where you want to be. I just need you to work."

THANKS to the BULL DAWGS for your participation!




Running Rebels is led by head Coach Chris Wilder, who is a veteran to the game on and off the court. Coach Chis is assisted by Marlo Ferrell who is also well known for the game.

Coach Chris knowledge, level and skill-set for the game is a major key to what the GYBL and what we stand for. Chris passion to help and give back to our youth in more ways than one, is done with open arms and no hesitation. The leadership qualities and roles that Coach Chris display on a daily is key to the communities we serve.

Coach Chris willingness to make it right and to make it happen will never go unnoticed. 

THANKS to the RUNNING REBELS for your participation!



McDougald Big Macs is led by Coach LD "Maurice McCrea", who game is known on many courts and gyms. Coach LD is assisted by Coach Marbles who loves the game and passion runs deep on and off the court.

Coach LD knowledge for the game and the willingness to be aparrt of GYBL is nothing more than commitment. Coach LD has a lot to give to our youth and what they can learn from him on and off the court is pure experience. 

I must mention Coach Cee, "Derrick Houze" who is AWESOME. Coach Cee handles the administartion for the Big Macs and that is definitely a heping hand. His communitcation, dedications and willingness is unmatched. 

THANKS to the BIG MACS for your participation!


BIG THANKS and APPRECIATION to Ace and The Athlete'e Foot Team for donating 40 pair of shoes for every player in the league. Being able to connect and partner with a company of their magnitude is nothing but GRATEFUL. We are looking to grow the GYBL every year and the Athlete's Foot Team is right there with us. 

THANKS again for the LOVE and SUPPORT!



Sherard Johnson is nothing but AMAZING! His knowledge, high level of management and skill-set in running basketball leagues is untoched. 

His work speaks for itself and we are greatful to have Sherad along side us as we take on our first year. Without hesistation Sherard opended up his doors and allowed is to host the games at Cresst Christian Academy where he is the Athletic Dirctor. 

With all of the other outstanding things he is doing like RNS Sport (Ron and Shoot), Project 300 with and expansion to Washington DC this year, he has taken time to make sure the GYBL family is good.



Every Saturday we have a few officer stop in to support the GYBL. Officer Williams(right) and a couple of her partners stopped to take a photo while shooting hoops with the kids.